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marine style

For the past several seasons fashionable women prefer the style of the Sea – vest, prints with anchors, gilt buttons and jackets, military jackets.

The history of marine style.

The ancestor of the sea is considered to be the style of the XIX century Britain. Since that time the British fleet suffered particular rise in popularity, the people of Albion appeared clothing that resembled the shape of marine life. In the royal family in the form of a naval officer went to the Prince of Wales Albert Edward (Albert-Edward), son of Queen Victoria. Gradually, this style of dress has spread among the local elite and the rich. Later fashion trend carried over from the British Isles to the continent.

In Europe, one of the principal followers of marine style was Coco Chanel, who in 1913 opened a shop in the resort town of Deauville. For hiking on the beach woman chose knitted skirt, sailor suit, sunglasses and a neat hat. Practicality and elegance in one image and bribed local fashionistas who copied her outfit.
Throughout history, fashion designers have repeatedly resorted to the sea theme. In 1981, Briton Vivienne Westwood has released a collection of Pirates, where pirate negligence combined with a feminine cut of things.

In 2009, the season of spring-summer nautical theme are interested in the brand D & G and Diesel. Dolce & Gabbana released a sexy dress with anchors on the chest, under which suggested to wear sandals with wedge heels and flashy accessories. Diesel created the image of the city: the models marched down the runway in jeans with stripes on the sides and in hats, caps resembling sailors.

Key features of sea style.

For marine style is characterized by few fashion guidelines. Most often, things decorates a striped print that resembles a vest sailors. The main colors around which the image are the white, blue and shades. As decor items commonly used artificial anchors, gold buttons and braid reminiscent of the ropes on ships.

When creating t-shirts, tops, dresses, shorts and sundresses designers use mainly light cotton fabric. Silhouette of the dress can be as close-fitting and free. Under the clothes in marine style you can wear sandals or ballet flats neat pumps. Add an image to help bracelets, earrings pendants, chains and belts with the details as anchors or recall the ropes.

Also characteristic are the elements of style metal buttons, sailor’s cap and wide-brimmed hats, scarves, tied down, and large sunglasses, as in the images in the show Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2013.
To the blue-white palette gradually add other colors. Designers have expanded the boundaries of marine style, including in its colors red, black, yellow, pink and beige. However, the most fashionable combination is the combination of red, blue and white in the same outfit.

Marine style

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How to wear clothes in marine style?

Things in maritime style universal: they can be worn on a date, and take a vacation, and add to the work dress code. Cool summer evenings on the shoulders you can throw a jacket or trench coat jacket blue or dark red in color, with two rows of massive buttons. Originality of the image will give a brooch attached to an anchor.

When the model of the jacket is tailored to suit your body shape. Form-fitting models will help to create a silhouette of the “hourglass” and accents, and things will add a free cut of skinny girls.

If you want to choose pants in a nautical theme, you should pay attention to the flared model, which is usually worn by men. If you decide to choose striped trousers, it is desirable that the strip is vertical or the horizontal part of the expanding figure. Shorts may be made of denim, cotton or flax. Under them you can pick up a light blouse made of translucent fabric.

Designers are advised to try to put things in a nautical theme for the celebrations. You can find Ralph Lauren striped dress to the floor, which will be perfect for a summer party on the veranda.
In a nautical theme often performed tulip skirts, divided skirts, trapeze and models with pleating. Waist can be emphasized ornate belt. Many brands of composite things, like dress with a plain top and striped skirt.

Shoes in a nautical theme and is decorated with stripes. The best option for a walk along the coast will Loafer or ballet flats, and for parties – patent leather shoes or sandals with cork platform and heel. Bulk bag or sack made of natural fabrics will be an excellent way of completion.

Swimsuits in a nautical theme – must-have in every girl’s bag, which is going on vacation. In separate models can be combined white top and dark blue swimming trunks. Fused with a striped print swimsuit can make you a much slimmer if the lines run vertically or diagonally.